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How is GBI TCF Division different from other market players?

TCF offers financial solutions specifically designed for your business. Our clients operate on a regional or global scale, mainly by moving around commodities including but not limited to: Agri commodities, Soft commodities, Coal, Crude oil and derivatives, Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and petrochemicals.

Suitable products

Tailor fit solutions

Garanti BBVA International has been active in Trade and Commodity Finance for 30 years, during which it accumulated extensive know-how and expertise that enables us to provide tailor-fit financing solutions for our customers' global trading activities.

Trade Commodity Mining

Geographical know-how

Over the course of the past two decades, GBI’s geographical know-how has expanded significantly to include major global flows, spanning from the Americas to all around Europe, Far East Asia and northern Africa.


Global reach and expertise

Through the BBVA Group, GBI pairs global reach with its niche expertise to finance the full chain of commodity flows with specialised products and services, from origin to your final customers.

Global Market Sales

Utilising BBVA's presence

One of our primary goals is to effectively utilize BBVA’s presence in Latin America and apply our expertise within the region to create new streams of businesses for our TCF division in collaboration and co-ordination with BBVA

GBI’s Trade and Commodity Finance division is branched into 3 desks that specialize in their respective field of commodities and industries. Specifically, each desk collects and shares essential information related to market dynamics, trade flows , and market participants regarding the specific commodity, which ultimately leads to a diversified approach and understanding that GBI brings to the world of trade & commodity finance.


The Agri desk services a wide group of global commodity traders with sophisticated tailor-fit solutions such as documentary credits, documentary collections and loan products in a fast and timely manner.

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TCF 2 Energy provides bilateral trade finance solutions to a wide range of clients. From the world’s largest commodity traders in Geneva, to petrochemical traders in the Netherlands and Houston, the portfolio is diverse in both size and geography.

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TCF 3 Metals desk assists clients operating in the metal&mineral industry. Metals desk maintains close relations with its clients ranging from traders to producers and offers financing solutions for companies in the supply-chain.

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Corporate Loan Syndications

The loan syndication desk offers solutions to corporate clients in the form of Revolving credit facilities, Borrowing base facilities, Schuldschein loans, Pre- export financings and other products across a wide range of industries within the European

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Mid Office

Roles and Responsibilities Trade & Commodity Finance Mid-Office (TCF MO) is responsible to perform transactions in an ethical manner using sound business practices and tools. All operations and directives should be in line with the applicable laws,

Mid Office

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