Procurement & Suppliers

Responsible Procurement

GBI’s relationship with its suppliers is governed by the bank’s Code of Conduct, Code of Conduct for Suppliers and the Standard for procurement of goods and contracting of services which are aligned with its parent company Garanti BBVA and BBVA Group. 

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers defines the minimum standards of behavior with regard to ethical, social and environmental conduct that we expect our suppliers to follow when they provide us with products and services. 

The Corporate Standard for procurement of goods and contracting of services establishes the general structure of the management and negotiation process to be followed in the procurement chain for the acquisition of goods and contracting of services. 

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

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Conflict of Interest Declaration

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Supplier Support

Have you experienced any incident in the procurement process or would you like to make a suggestion? Please inform your contact person within GBI. 

If your question is related to payment of invoices please contact

Is it still unresolved? You may contact the Procurement & Expense Control Department at GBI by sending an e-mail with the details of the incident or suggestion. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

As a supplier of GBI, if you observe any conduct or situation related to GBI that may breach the applicable legal provisions or the standards set out in this Code, please report the incident through the Whistleblowing Channel by email on or by telephone on +31205539795. 

If you consider, for whatever reason, that it is not appropriate or opportune to use this channel, or if you are unsure whether it is the most suitable way to resolve the situation, you may also contact the Garanti BBVA or BBVA Holding via the channels mentioned in the Code of Conduct for Suppliers