Corporate Story

Personal. Fair. Responsible.

Banking is a people business. But these days, with the convenience of digital apps and online banking, you have less personal contact with our colleagues than before. At Garanti BBVA International, we take our relationships with customers seriously and truly value your long-term business. That’s why you’ll always experience our high level of personal service and honest answers to your questions. We put people first. And because you’re the heart of our business, it is actually you that makes us a better bank. 

While Garanti BBVA International is a smaller local bank in The Netherlands, we are a large global bank within BBVA Group. This is the ideal combination for creating lasting relationships. Our particular proportions in the Netherlands ensure that we can serve our customers in the ‘old-fashioned' personal way, by putting them first. And with the strength of BBVA, we think big and can offer the latest innovative products and possibilities. We seek excellence in our client approach by thinking out of the “traditional banking” box. Yet we never lose sight on the responsibility that comes with it. And we realize all too well that it is your money we are allowed to look after. That is why we purposely handle it without taking unnecessary risks. 

At Garanti BBVA International, our small teams work closely along short communication lines. This helps us better understand our customer needs and act responsibly every time. We also trust and inspire each other. Our instinct will simply guide us in looking customers straight in the eye. We are “the” bank that understands when a human touch is needed, takes responsibility and is flexible enough to meet your changing needs. 

We believe that banks have never been at a disadvantage for adopting a social heart. We know the impact we can have on society. You trust us with your finances, and we apply a responsible and fair approach, which makes us a better bank as well. And that’s why we purposely handle your needs while avoiding unnecessary risks. Money is our core business, but without the human touch, it has no value. As a bank with family values, we continue to succeed by maintaining the golden triangle: personal, fair, responsible. 

Garanti BBVA International