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Global Market Sales

GBI Global Market Sales provides investment and hedging solutions to high net-worth individuals and corporate customers.

Our investment and hedging solutions put customers first

Through personable contact, dedicated relationship managers understand the customer’s needs, values, and priorities, and aim to build a long-lasting relationship.


Investment and hedging solutions

GBI Global Market Sales provides investment and hedging solutions to high net-worth individuals and corporate customers.

Global Market Sales

Global financial markets

Offering a broad range of financial products, GBI facilitates access to all major global financial markets and offers tailor-made solutions for customers.


Tailor-made solutions

Experienced GBI teams provide exclusive advisory and execution services to help our customers meet their financial needs.

Growing your wealth in the long term

Global Markets Sales provide investment solutions to high net worth individuals and corporate customers. We facilitate access to all major global financial markets and help you to reach the best opportunities in the markets for your financial needs. Our experienced investment advisors give much importance to understand your personal situation; financial needs, investor risk profile, and investment objectives. We aim to build long-term relationships with you based on trust, continuity, and a transparent pricing structure. Our primary objective is to preserve and grow your wealth over the long term. 

Advisory Services

We advise and you can decide on whatever you need. Our advisory services are:

  • Definition of Investor Risk Profile 
  • Establishment of Investment Strategy 
  • Frequent Contact with Investment Advisor 
  • Monthly Investment Proposals 
  • Tactical Ideas 
  • Monitoring of Your Portfolio 
  • Custody & Administration of Your Assets

Execution Services

Do you prefer to manage your assets independently? Not a problem at all. The team at GarantiBBVA is happy to assist you in: 

  • Execution of Your Orders in Markets 
  • General Market Information 
  • Custody & Administration of your assets

GarantiBBVA iTrader

You may access global markets on our multi-asset online trading platform. 

GarantiBBVA iTrader enables you to follow the markets and execute trades whenever and wherever you like on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
You will execute your investment strategies easily and conveniently with GarantiBBVA iTrader.

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Our Product Range

Equities & ETFs

Equities may bring growth to your portfolio. To assist you, we provide access to major global exchanges. Whether you are investing in a single company’s stock or you are creating a diversified equity portfolio with ETFs, we help you through the way.


Bonds provide stable income to your portfolio. We can give you insights about Investment Grade Bonds and High Yield Bonds both from Developed and Emerging Markets. The Garanti team can share our expertise on Emerging Markets, especially on Turkey.

Currencies & Commodities

You can reach currency markets with us. Within Garanti, we can guide you for currency allocation in your portfolio. Our team will support you for your hedging needs on Forward and Swap Markets. Additionally, we can enable you to trade on spot FX markets and to invest in major commodity ETFs on the market.


GBI Treasury consists of Asset and Liability Management and Trading functions related to fixed income, rates, currency and commodity markets.

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