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Corporate Banking

Determined to enhance growth and profitability

Our strategy results in creating value through mutually beneficial and trust-based relationships, driven by a determined spirit to enhance growth and profitability.

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Structured solutions

GBI's solutions and products include structured corporate loans, working capital loans, B/S risk trade loans, and documentary credits.

Suitable products

Focused and specialized

The Corporate Banking team’s primary focus is on corporate lending, receivables financing, and asset-based lending.

Corporate Banking

Trust-based relationships

Our strategy creates value through mutually beneficial and trust-based relationships, enhancing growth and profitability

Working Capital Loans

Are you looking for financing options to cover your daily operational expenses in your business? This is where our “Working Capital Loans” come in handy; Working capital loans are usually granted for short terms (up to 1year), and we, at GBI, can help you create additional liquidity so that you don’t have to worry about your operations running smoothly.

Term Loans

If you are thinking about financing options for additional purchase of equipment or machinery (Capex); or a new production facility (Expansion) for your business, Term Loan is one of the products that is best suited for your needs. The maturity for a term loan typically goes for longer than a year; and usually depends on the purpose of the loan and your repayment capacity.

Asset Based Lending

Be it for capex or business expansion or for working capital funding, you could avail yourselves of Asset-based lending, whereby the loan is collateralized by security like invoices, receivables, PPE, or even a mortgage. Given that it is more secured compared to “clean” lending, you may benefit from lower interest rates.

Islamic Finance

Our Islamic Finance business line was launched in 2008, and we are the first bank in the Netherlands to offer Islamic Banking services to its corporate clients. We provide two basic types of interest free products structured as Murabaha Finance – an asset sale where the payment of price is deferred to an agreed future date at plus-profit price: Murabaha (Invoice Based): Mainly used if you need to finance purchase of commodities and Tawarruq (Metal Trade Based): Mainly used for your working capital financing needs

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Receivable Finance

Receivable Finance allows you to unlock the cash tied up in invoices that are yet to paid back – helping you improve your financial ratios and balance sheet. This structure involves an asset purchase rather than a lending transaction implying better risk management at your end. Our main focus is on trade counterparties being located in Europe

Documentary Credits and Collections

We at GBI are quite experienced in offering a seamless, efficient and timely way of handling documents, and collections from our customer’s counterparties. We have had a long relationship with several Europe-based traders, which gives us an edge in having the domain expertise; while offering our customers a thoroughly professional experience.


Through Bank Guarantees, we, as a bank, undertake to pay a certain amount to the beneficiary upon invocation of the guarantee. There are different types of bank guarantees, such as payment guarantee, advance payment guarantee, performance bond, warranty bond, bid bond and other guarantees.

Cash Management

Effective control of the daily cash flow and optimisation of the transactional activities are the key factors to keep your company financially healthy.

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