Mid office

Ozkan Agirkaya

Director, Middle Office TCF

Trade & Commodity Finance Mid-Office (TCF MO) is responsible to perform transactions in an ethical manner using sound business practices and tools. All operations and directives should be in line with the applicable laws, regulations, directives and Bank policies and procedures.

Trade & Commodity Finance Front Office (TCF FO) will provide necessary information and clearance in order to be further processed/completed and authorized by the Mid-Office. 

Trade & Commodity Finance Mid-Office teams are supervised under TF Division. Director(s) of the TCF-MO reports directly to TF ED and indirectly to CCD ED. 

The credit utilization requests and authorizations are performed in line with delegated authorization rights of Credits Department. 

Trade & Commodity Finance Mid-Office will have direct contact with customers, warehouses, inspection companies and any other third party service providers regarding Mid-Office related transactions. All requests from the customers are executed, processed and followed up under front office supervision and information.

Mid Office

Among others primary duties are:

  • Inputting of cash / non-cash utilization/amendments into the system
  • Checking and authorization of cash / non-cash utilization in the system
  • Checking transaction documentation
  • Preparing monthly position reports extracted from internal reports
  • Following and completing of missing / deferral items
  • Managing TPA operations through related operations departments
  • Authorizing related departments for cargo releases
  • Random visits of warehouses and inspections of stocks
  • Following the completion and proper execution of daily transactions.
  • Collecting and reconciling stock reports directly from warehouse operators
  • Following individual (customer based) cargo positions

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