Sustainability at GBI

GBI has set sustainability as a strategic priority following the steps of its parents

Sustainability Policy

GBI has set sustainability as a strategic priority, following the footsteps of its parents. Accordingly, GBI will ensure that its activities are carried out in accordance with a set of values, principles, criteria, and attitudes aimed at achieving sustained value for shareholders, employees, customers, and society as a whole, and will promote the implementation and development of ethical principles based on integrity and transparency.

With a view to shaping this aspiration clearly and precisely, our Sustainability Policy aims to set forth GBI's vision and general principles with regard to sustainability.

GBI Sustainability Policy

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Awareness and Implementation

GBI closely monitors the developments in the ESG space, in parallel with the practices of BBVA at the group level, which identify sustainability as a strategic priority.

Some of the activities GBI will carry out in 2022 in relation to sustainability and ESG are:

  • Alignment of “Sustainability Policy” with BBVA Group;
  • Establishment of governance and organizational structures for coordination and implementation;
  • Arrangement of workshops and staff trainings to increase awareness and knowhow within the organization;
  • Deep dives for ESG risk identification, materiality assessments for ESG risks;
  • Development of a “roadmap” with a detailed action plan and well-defined objectives.
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Talent and Culture

  • GBI’s approach to “human resources",  which was aptly renamed "Talent and Culture” by BBVA for all group banks, has long focused on equality and diversity.
  • GBI provides equal employment, career, and development opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • GBI currently employs 244 professionals from 28 different nationalities, with a well-balanced distribution by age and gender.
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GBI promotes “responsible banking” in all of its activities, interactions, and communications, as reflected in its motto, “Personal. Fair. Responsible.”

We believe this also means respect for and a positive contribution to the society we live in and the ecosystems we have an impact on. Accordingly, we aim to continue and expand our humble initiatives, such as supporting the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” since 2018 and “Stichting AAP” as of 2022 with a 5-euro donation for each survey reply as per the choice of our Retail Banking customers.

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Learn more about the integration of Sustainability in GBI’s asset management unit in line with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

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