GBI Treasury consists of Asset and Liability Management and Trading functions related to fixed income, rates, currency and commodity markets. In this capacity, Trading acts as the central point where client-driven requirements from the front offices are pooled and translated into institutional level.

Asset and Liability Management (ALM) focuses on optimum management of GBI’s balance sheet risks with the aim to maximize risk adjusted return on capital. The main responsibilities of ALM include efficient capital allocation and the management of liquidity, interest rate, and exchange rate risks. ALM analyses and reports on these risks and proposes alternative strategies to the Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO).

ALM works closely with the Risk Management and Financial Control units to monitor risks quickly and effectively. It applies internal transfer pricing mechanism for efficient resource allocation within the Bank. Our liquidity management strategies ensure a prudent liquidity position in all currencies.

The Bank develops its market activity through the Trading function. We perform our Treasury activities under the global approach and offer broad range of financial products to final clients. Our dedicated team members from Fixed Income, FX, Rates, Commodity and Derivatives desks provide market access for the corporate and individual investor clientele of GBI as well as taking limited positions in the said markets. In that perspective, we reach sizeable transaction volumes through prudent risk management.

Treasury closely collaborates with other front-offices to add value to GBI’s various clients by focusing mainly on flow trading business driven by clients’ interests. We are happy to report that proactive cooperation with other client-facing units resulted in cross-selling activities and enhanced revenue generation.