Trade & Commodity Finance

GarantiBank International NV - Trade and Commodity Finance Division (TCF) offers financial solutions specifically designed for businesses with cross-border trade, with special emphasis on firms that are engaged in international trade of commodities. Our clients operate on a regional or global scale, mainly by moving around commodities including but not limited to:

Agri commodities
Soft commodities
Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
Crude oil and oil derivatives

In addition to commodity trading companies, our clients include importers, exporters, distributors and, occasionally, manufacturers of various goods. The Division is organized in line with commodity groups, with experienced Relationship Managers serving their clients under Agri Commodities Desk, Metals & Minerals Desk and Oil & Petrochemicals Desk. Geographically, TCF Division’s coverage ranges from Black Sea countries to Europe as well as Latin American markets to North America. Lately, the Division has been expanding its footprint in the Middle East and East Asian markets as well.

Trade & commodity finance has been a core activity of GBI since inception and GBI TCF has decades of experience in this segment, which leads to a strong brand name in global commodities markets, recognized several times by multiple industrial awards. Next to its reputation, the Bank’s strong rating by Moody’s also helps its clients partner with a solid market player and one of the highest quality financial institutions in the trade finance environment.

GBI TCF Division also benefits from the arrival of BBVA as GBI’s ultimate shareholder, which will help expand the Division’s coverage in Latin and North American markets.

How is GBI TCF Division different from other market players?

In the dynamic world of commodity trading and import/export business, GBI’s TCF Division creates added value for its clients by putting forward following competitive edges:

Business model: GBI TCF Division aims to work with a selected number of reputable clients, building extensive & long-term relationships in the course of time, which helps the Division focus better on each client’s requirements

Agile organizational structure: GBI TCF Division places client services to the core of its organizational structure, which is specifically designed to ensure that the clients’ transactions flow through origination to execution in the most efficient manner. For this reason, TCF Division has a single contact person policy, helping its clients reach the one and only correct person in no time, a much needed feature in the fast-pace trading world

One stop shop: Through working with GBI’s TCF Division, the clients unlock various opportunities with other products offered by the Bank, from Structured Financing to Cash Management and Treasury and Hedging solutions. Just consult your Relationship Manager and s/he will be happy to connect you with the related departments.

Quick response times: Compared its peers within the larger banks, GBI TCF Division offers much quicker response times to its clients, capitalizing on its flat and compact organizational structure.

Proficient documentary support: TCF Division is strongly supported by its Documentary Services Team, who have the highest reputation in the industry with their experienced and enthusiastic transactional approach

Tailor-made solutions: Thanks to its organizational structure, TCF Division can allocate time to discuss specific requirements of its clients and offer tailor made solutions for each client’s business model.

Rating: GBI TCF Division’s clients enjoy the Bank’s strong rating by Moody’s.

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