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GBI Treasury consists of asset and liability management, fixed income and fixed income derivatives, and foreign exchange and FX derivatives desks.

Asset and Liability Management is the prime responsibility of GBI Treasury, which reports regularly to the Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO) on market movements and trends. GBI Treasury executes ALCO’s decisions in a timely and effective manner.

GBI pursues a prudent strategy which embodies maintaining a solid balance sheet structure and active monitoring and hedging of mismatches. This approach enables the Bank to cope with adverse market movements and to maintain its strong performance against various market conditions.

GBI Treasury is responsible for carrying out Internal Transfer Pricing (ITP) which is a mechanism that aims to implement ALCO’s strategic priorities. Taking into consideration forecast and current market outlook, liquidity constraints and cost of funds, GBI Treasury proposes ITP rates to ALCO. The purpose is to ensure efficient use of the Bank’s resources and enhance prudent liquidity management.

Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange activities are driven by our markets and products expertise. On these fronts, we focus on commercial flows instead of proprietary trading. Owing to the highly professional team, product based technical expertise and broad network of international counterparties, GBI Treasury achieves strong commercial transaction volumes with solid risk management and acts as a market-maker in niche markets.

GBI Treasury further engages in asset origination in fixed income markets to deploy excess liquidity upon establishment of market and credit limits by ALCO and the Credit Committee. The fixed income portfolio is managed very closely aiming to optimize yields and mitigate risks.

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