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GarantiBank International N.V. ("GBI") is an award-winning "global boutique" bank delivering top-end boutique solutions to selected clients around the globe. Our solutions are fast, accurate, tailor-made, innovative and country specific. Client base of GBI Trade & Commodity Finance division includes developed and emerging countries' banks, firms in physical commodity trade business, firms with foreign trade operations, factoring and leasing firms and other clientele around the globe requiring boutique solutions.

Creating and expanding on reliable partnerships is a must for us. GBI is proud of having the highest professional ethics and standards while valuing and supporting its clients' goals.

International trade and commodity finance involves both risks and rewards. When tackled with expertise, risks may be mitigated and rewards may be maximized. As a result of our award-winning "Global Boutique" approach, our Trade & Commodity Finance teams constantly deliver reliable and seamless solutions to international traders in "transactional" format.

Our value proposition has two simple twists: Firstly, we deliver full range of tailor-made transactional commodity finance products in addition to standard documentary credits and collections products in boutique style. And secondly, we deliver our added-value in specific commodities and emerging markets. To better serve to our clientele, we have dedicated teams with mutually exclusive commodities coverage such as Metals, Energy and Soft Commodities. Each of our teams deliver value to our clientele by quickly responding to inquiries and proposals, by blending relevant commodity and country expertise and by delivering seamless transactional execution.

Efficient internal work-flows coupled with SATIS, GBI's Internet Banking platform, complete the value chain that GBI Trade & Commodity Finance delivers: fast, accurate, innovative, tailor-made and country specific trade finance solutions delivered in "boutique" style to selected clientele around the globe!

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